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Any roof that we install is covered by both the manufacturer's product warranty and Bayside Roofing's installation warranty unless special conditions are stated on the roofing quote. Both are transferable for the first 10 years.


Typically, the roofing products that we use carry a 30, 40, or 50 year material warranty

that  is registered  by Bayside Roofing with the respective company following installation. Additional product warranty information can be found at    


The purpose of Bayside Roofing's installation warranty is to ensure that for 20 years the installed roof will be repaired free of charge given the occurance of improper installation. If a similar reason is found to warrant replacement of an entire roof covering, Bayside Roofing will offer a prorated discount based upon the number of months remaining in the installation warranty, and the cost of replacement.


Warranty Information

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